About Ampp Star

What started out as an idea for a personal creative website unfolded into a creative social media website where registered users can also share their creative content with the world.

The name Ampp Star comes from the beginning letters of the four medians associated with Ampp Star, Art, Music, Poetry and Photography.

Ampp Star allows users to create a Personal Profile, Upload Creative Content and Share this content with the world on various social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. Ampp Star users can also decide whether to keep their uploads Private (where others cannot see the content) or Public (where everyone can see what's been posted).

Ampp Star is great for promoting your creative business or just finding talent for your event, on Amppstar.com there's a lot of great content!

Sign up today and get your creative content out, because that's what Ampp Star is all about! Registration is completely FREE!