• When you first log into AMPP Star, click on the side options to begin the registration process .
  • Next, click on the "Register" button to begin the registration .
  • Fill in all the relevant fields and select "Join" .
  • You will notice a warming message at the top of the page indicating that your account has not been verified yet .
  • You will get an email verification so that you can verify your account Ensure you check your SPAM, Junk and Promotions folder as the email may end up there .
  • Once verified, you can begin uploading content using the side upload options .
  • For example, if you would like to upload photography, you would choose that option, fill in all the selections, including whether you would like it to be Public or Private, and then select "Submit"
  • You will get a pop-up message that indicates your content has been saved
  • For poetry, in addition to our formatting options, you can also format in Microsoft Word and then copy it over via the copy and paste functionality .
  • On the right-side pane, click on your name to view your profile .
  • Registered users can add in a background picture by choosing a "theme skin" from the drop-down option
  • Select the median you’d like to search by selecting it from the main page, or the right-side pane
  • Once in that page, you have the option to filter by the genre
  • To see the bigger version of a creative work, click on the content title by hovering over it
  • To view another user’s profile, click on the user’s name by hovering over it when searching through all the content
  • You will be taken to their profile page where you will find everything that they have posted, including contact and location information if they have added it
  • To share, you must view the individual item/peice and then select the social media site you’d like to share to .
  • ** Please note that content with images such as Photography and Art which has not been shared before may need to be cached first (confirmed by the social media website) prior to the image preview showing**
  • To display the image, select "Share", "Cancel" and then "Share" again. This should cache the image so that the display appears
  • As you can see, selecting "Share’" the second time causes the image to be displayed

Registered users also have the option to like a piece of work via the "Like" button. Currently, the user is not notified of the likes but they do see it when they log on. The notification functionality will be included in a future release of AMPP Star.

To connect to our Facebook and Instagram page, click on the icons found at the bottom right of the main page

If you have forgotten your password, simply select the "forgot password" button and you will be prompted to enter your email address

Upload or browse content via your mobile device!


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